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  1. Download license agreement, send by email one signed and scanned copy to

  2. Send an email to, as follows:
    Subject: [DATABASE download: ATVS-FIr DB]

    : Your name, e-mail, telephone number, organization, postal mail, purpose for which you will use the database, time and date at which you sent the email with the signed license agreement.

  3. Once the email copy of the license agreement has been received at ATVS, you will get an email with a username, a password, and a time slot to download the database.

  4. Download the database, for which you will need to provide the authentication information given in step 4. After you finish the download, please notify by email to that you have successfully completed the transaction.

  5. For more information, please contact:


One dataset of real and fake iris images in .bmp format:


The real samples are taken from 50 random users of the Biosec Baseline Iris Subcorpus [PR2007].

It contains iris samples of both eyes of 50 subjects (50 2 = 100 different irises).

Four samples of each iris were captured in 2 acquisition sessions with the LG Iris Access EOU3000.

This way the dataset comprises:

100 irises 4 samples 2 sensors = 800 real image samples.


The fake samples were also acquired with the LG Iris Access EOU3000 from high quality printed images of the original samples according to the process described in [BIOID2008].

The structure is the same as the one of the real samples, thus, the dataset comprises:

100 irises 4 samples 2 sensors = 800 fake image samples.


The nomenclautre followed in both datasets to name the image files is as follows: uXXXX_sYYYY_ir_A_ZZZZ

  • XXXX: is the number of the user [0001 0002 0003 ... 0050]

  • YYYY: is the number of the session [0001 0002]

  • A: it can take the values "r" or "l", for "right" or "left" eye

  • ZZZZ: is the number of the sample [0001 0002 0003 0004]


For further information on the database and on different applications where it has been used, including vulnerability assessment of iris verification systems to direct attacks, and performance evaluation of iris liveness detection methods, we refer the reader to (all these articles are publicly available at

Please remember to reference articles [PR2007] and [ICB2007] on any work made public, whatever the form, based directly or indirectly on any part of the ATVS-FIr DB.

Sample iris 1 - Real

Sample iris 2 - Real

Sample iris 3 - Real

Sample iris 4 - Fake

Sample iris 5 - Fake

Sample iris 6 - Fake