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Instructions for downloading MCYT-Signature-100 database

  1. Download license agreement, send by email one signed and scanned copy to

  2. You can also download the paper describing the database

  3. Send an email to, as follows:
    Subject: [DATABASE download: MCYT-100-Signature]

    : Your name, e-mail, telephone number, organization, postal mail, purpose for which you will use the database, time and date at which you sent the email with the signed license agreement.

  4. Once the email copy of the license agreement has been received at ATVS, you will get an email with a username, a password, and a time slot to download the database

  5. Download the database, for which you will need to provide the authentication information given in step 5. After you finish the download, please notify by email to that you have successfully completed the transaction.

  6. For more information, please contact: atvs uam . es