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Please note that only the landmarks are distributed. In order to obtain the images, please refer to


  1. Download license agreement, sign one copy, and send by email to according to the instructions given in point 2.

  2. Send an email to, as follows:
    Subject: [DATABASE download: SCfaceDB Landmarks]

    : Your name, e-mail, telephone number, organization, postal mail, purpose for which you will use the database, time and date at which you sent the email with the signed license agreement.

  3. Once the email copy of the license agreement has been received at ATVS, you will receive an email with a username, a password, and a time slot to download the database.

  4. Download the database, for which you will need to provide the authentication information given in step 3. After you finish the download, please notify by email to that you have successfully completed the transaction.

  5. For more information, please contact:


The database is comprised of 21 facial landmarks (from 4,160 face images) from 130 users annotated manually by a human operator, as described in [FSI2013].


The 21 facial landmarks are stored in .pos file. After loading each file, a matrix of dimensions 21 by 2 has the (x, y) coordinates of each facial landmark. See the figure on the right to check the given facial landmarks.


The nomenclature followed to identify the 21 facial landmarks is as follows:

  • ROW 1 = Top of the head

  • ROW 2 = Right eyebrow right corner

  • ROW 3 = Right eyebrow left corner

  • ROW 4 = Left eyebrow right corner

  • ROW 5 = Left eyebrow left corner

  • ROW 6 = Right eye right corner

  • ROW 7 = Right eye center of pupil

  • ROW 8 = Right eye left corner

  • ROW 9 = Left eye right corner

  • ROW 10 = Left eye center of pupil

  • ROW 11 = Left eye left corner

  • ROW 12 = Nose right corner

  • ROW 13 = Nose center bottom

  • ROW 14 = Nose left corner

  • ROW 15 = Mouth right corner

  • ROW 16 = Mouth left corner

  • ROW 17 = Chin corner

  • ROW 18 = Right ear top corner

  • ROW 19 = Right ear bottom corner

  • ROW 20 = Left ear top corner

  • ROW 21 = Left ear bottom corner


For further information regarding the database, the different features approaches extracted from the data and the experimental work we refer the reader to:

Please remember to reference article [FSI2013] on any work made public, whatever the form, based directly or indirectly on any part of the SCfaceDB Landmarks.

Face image examples from SCfaceDB

Facial landmarks feedback