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Available biometric databases for research purposes at no cost

Please note the license must be signed by a permanent faculty or research member from your university, and a scanned copy must be attached to the application.
Raw biometric data
Processed biometric data
  • Guardia Civil Database (GCDB_Features): A dataset from real forensic casework containing 268 latent fingerprint minutia templates and their corresponding 268 mated tenprint fingerprint minutia templates, including rare minutiae. [NEW!]
  • SCfaceDB Facial Landmarks Database (SCfaceDB Landmarks): A dataset containing 21 facial landmarks (from 4,160 face images) from 130 users manually annotated by a human operator. The dataset is especially suited to perform experiments related to facial region extraction and face recognition. [NEW!]
  • Tunnel Database Soft Biometric (TunnelDBSoftBio): A dataset containing soft biometric signals (from 23 physical trait labels) of 58 users manually annotated by 10 different annotators. The dataset is especially suited to perform experiments related to soft biometrics and face recognition. [NEW!]
  • MCYT-SCORES Database (MCYT-SCORES): Three datasets of bimodal matching scores (signatures and fingerprints from 75 subjects of the MCYT database), together with scalar fingerprint quality measures labelled by a human expert, both in MATLAB and ASCII format.

Available premium biometric databases for research or commercial use:

  • MCYT Bimodal Biometric Database: signature and fingerprint; 330 users
  • Gaudi Biometric Database: voice; 100 female users

Biometric databases under construction

  • BIOSECUR-ID Multimodal Biometric Database
  • BioSec Multimodal Biometric Database Baseline (BioSec-Baseline): face, fingerprint, iris, and voice; 200 users, 2 acquisition sessions
  • BioSec Multimodal Biometric Database Extended (BioSec-Extended): face, fingerprint, iris, and voice; 250 users, 4 acquisition sessions