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    Conference Program
    DAY 1 (WED), September 16
    (Wed1 ORAL) Face Processing and Recognition
    • Vitomir Struc and Nikola Pavesic. Illumination Invariant Face Recognition by Non-Local Smoothing.
    • Abdenour Hadid and Matti Pietikäinen. Manifold Learning for Video-to-Video Face Recognition.
    • Allen Rawls and Karl Ricanek. MORPH: Development and Optimization of a Longitudinal Age Progression Database.
    • Andrzej Drygajlo, Weifeng Li and Kewei Zhu. Verification of Aging Faces using Local Ternary Patterns and Q-stack Classifier.
    (Wed2 ORAL) Voice Analysis and Modeling
    • Peter Murphy and Anne-Maria Laukkanen. Analysis of Emotional Voice using Electroglottogram-Based Temporal Measures of Vocal Fold Opening.
    • Piotr Staroniewicz. Recognition of Emotional State in Polish Speech - Comparison Between Human and Automatic Efficiency.
    • Anna Pribilová and Jirí Pribil. Harmonic Model for Female Voice Emotional Synthesis.
    • Carlos Ortego-Resa, Ignacio Lopez-Moreno, Daniel Ramos and Joaquin Gonzalez-Rodriguez. Anchor Model Fusion for Emotion Recognition in Speech.
    (Wed3 ORAL) Multimodal Interaction
    • Jerneja Zganec Gros and Ales Mihelic. Audiovisual Alignment in a Face-to-Face Conversation Translation Framework.
    • Andrew Abel, Amir Hussain, Quoc-Dinh Nguyen, Fabien Ringeval, Mohamed Chetouani and Maurice Milgram. Maximising Audiovisual Correlation with Automatic Lip Tracking and Vowel Based Segmentation.
    • Anna Esposito, Domenico Carbone and Maria Teresa Riviello. Visual Context Effects on the Perception of Musical Emotional Expressions.
    • Pascual Ejarque, Javier Hernando, David Hernando and David Gómez. Eigenfeatures and Supervectors in Feature and Score Fusion for SVM Face and Speaker Verification.
    DAY 2 (THU), September 17
    (Thu1 ORAL) Face and Expression Recognition
    • Marios Kyperountas and Ioannis Pitas. Facial Expression Recognition using Two-Class Discriminant Features.
    • David Freire, Luis Antón and Modesto Castrillón. A Study for The Self Similarity Smile Detection.
    • Hatice Cinar Akakin and Bulent Sankur. Analysis of Head and Facial Gestures using Facial Landmark Trajectories.
    • Rok Gajsek, Vitomir Struc, Simon Dobrisek, Janez Zibert, France Mihelic and Nikola Pavesic. Combining Audio and Video for Detection of Spontaneous Emotions.
    • Zahid Riaz, Christoph Mayer Michel Beetz and Bernd Radig. Face Recognition using Wiframe Model Across Facial Expressions.
    (Thu2 ORAL) Body and Gait Recognition
    • Arabneydi Jalal, Moshiri Behzad and Bahrami Fariba. Modeling Gait using CPG (Central Pattern Generator) and Neural Network.
    • Nikolaos Gkalelis, Anastasios Tefas and Ioannis Pitas. Fusion Of Movement Specific Human Identification Experts.
    • Dimo Dimov, Nadezhda Zlateva and Alexander Marinov. CBIR Over Multiple Projections 3D Object .
    • Miriam Moreno-Moreno, Julian Fierrez and Javier Ortega-Garcia. Biometrics Beyond the Visible Spectrum: Imaging Technologies and Applications.
    (Thu3 POSTER) Poster Session
    Voice Analysis and Speaker Verification:
    • Yousef A. Alotaibi and Amir Husain. Formant based Analysis of Spoken Arabic Vowels.
    • Joshua A. Atah and Gareth Howells. Key Generation in a Voice Based Template Free Biometric Security System.
    Fingerprint Biometrics:
    • Julien Bringer, Herve Chabanne, Tom A. M. Kevenaar and Bruno Kindarji. Extending Match-On-Card to Local Biometric Identification.
    • Andrés L. Ávila and Adrialy Muci. A New Fingerprint Matching Algorithm based on Minimum Cost Function.
    Handwriting Analysis and Signature Verification:
    • Dimo Dimov and Lasko Laskov. Invariant Fourier Descriptors Representation of Medieval Byzantine Neume Notation.
    • Muzaffar Bashir and Jürgen Kempf. Bio-Inspired Reference Level Assigned DTW for Person Identification using Handwritten Signatures.
    • Desislava Dimitrova and Georgi Gluhchev. Pressure Evaluation in On-line and Off_line Signatures.
    Multimodal Biometrics:
    • Chaw Chia, Nasser Sherkat and Lars Nolle. Confidence Partition and Hybrid Fusion in Multimodal Biometric Verification System.
    • Tobias Scheidat, Michael Biermann, Jana Dittmann and Claus Vielhauer and Karl Kümmel. Multi-biometric Fusion for Driver Authentication on the Example of Speech and Face.
    • K. R. Radhika, S. V. Sheela, M. K. Venkatesha and G. N. Sekhar. Multimodal Authentication using Continuous Dynamic Programming.
    Biometric Systems & Knowledge Discovery:
    • Aythami Morales, Miguel A. Ferrer, Marcos Faundez-Zanuy, Joan Fabregas, Guillermo Gonzalez, Javier Garrido, Ricardo Ribalda, Javier Ortega and Manuel Freire. Biometric System Verification Close To "Real World" Conditions.
    • Marco Grassi. Developing HEO Human Emotions Ontology.
    • Erik Cambria, Amir Hussain, Catherine Havasi and Chris Eckl. Common Sense Computing: From The Society Of Mind To Digital Intuition And Beyond.
    DAY 3 (FRI), September 18
    (Fri1 ORAL) Biometric Systems and Security
    • Luis Terán and Andzej Drygajlo. On Development of Inspection System for Biometric Passports Using Java.
    • Olaf Henniger and Sascha Müller. Handwritten Signature On-Card Matching Performance Testing.
    • Alper Kanak and Ibrahim Sogukpinar. Classification Based Revocable Biometric Identity Code Generation.
    • Javier Galbally, Sara Carballo, Julian Fierrez and Javier Ortega-Garcia. Vulnerability Assessment Of Fingerprint Matching Based On Time Analysis.
    • Yoshihiro Kojima, Rie Shigetomi, Manabu Inuma, Akira Otsuka and Hideki Imai. A Matching Algorithm Secure against the Wolf Attack in Biometric Authentication Systems.
    (Fri2 ORAL) Iris, Fingerprint and Hand Recognition
    • Nima Tajbakhsh. A Region-Based Iris Feature Extraction Method Based on 2D-Wavetlet Transform.
    • Omer Saeed, Atif Bin Mansoor and Asif Butt. A Novel Contourlet Based Online Fingerprint Identification.
    • Hyun-suk Lee, Hyun-ju Maeng and You-suk Bae. Fake Finger Detection Using the Fractional Fourier Transform.
    • Javier Burgues, Julian Fierrez, Daniel Ramos and Javier Ortega-Garcia. Comparison of Distance-Based Features for Hand Geometry Authentication.
    (Fri3 ORAL) Signature Verification
    • Seiichiro Hangai, Tomoaki Sano and Takahiro Yoshida. A Comparison of Three Kinds of DP Matching Schemes in Verifying Segmental Signatures.
    • Enrique Argones Rúa, David Pérez-Pińar López and José Luis Alba Castro. Ergodic HMM-UBM System for On-line Signature Verification.
    • Márjory Abreu and Michael Fairhurst. Improving Identity Prediction in Signature-based Unimodal Systems using Soft Biometrics.